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Volunteering is a great way to contribute to the global community as well as broaden your professional experience and personal growth. Whether you prefer a short placement during your holidays, or you are looking for a longer gap year project or a plave to do your internship, SASO provides different opportunities for both local and foreigner groups and individuals.


Partner with Us

We believe in partnership and collaboration, because it is a best way to learn and grow. SASO is always looking for new local or international partners, who share the same mission and want to work hand in hand.

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As a NGO we rely on donations to help sustain our work and expand to make a greater impact. Your donation would help us further our mission of ensuring a better life for under-privileged people in our communities.

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“ To see their lives take a turn to freedom has been priceless. Freedom in healthy living, freedom from illiteracy and giving hope to the ones who has lost sight of the sun. I encourage other young ones out here, to take the path of building sustainable families, communities and a nation that support each other.” Emmanuel Seth Panford, 2017 (former project coordinator)

“I would definitely recommend it to others because it's a beautiful project and it has a lot of potential. ”  Merrel Janssen, 2013

“I learnt to see my small impact. if I was teaching 20 women and 2 or 3 of them were really taking it to the next level and using it, being able to read and write and improve their lives because of that, I was already happy” Flavia Santos, 2014