Service Awareness Support Organization (SASO) is a registered  community based  educational platform, created by European and Ghanaian youth volunteers, located in Wiaboman community, Accra.


Our story

Our Roots

To begin with, SASO has three Co - founders namely; Volunteer from youth 4 youth Cartouche, Gideon Markin and Willem Meijburg.    It all started as a street corner education in 2010 and later it became UPCO village school. 2011-2012 the population of Wiaboman was growing and community with volunteers requested for a school. UPCO decided to hand over to a new administration and that is where Service Awareness Support Organization (SASO) was born. It was officially recognized by government in 2012. SASO is a registered community based educational platform (organization) run by European and Ghanaian youth volunteers, to inspire less privileged people and undeserved communities. The vision of the organization is to empower its target group for self and community development through education and intercultural exchange initiatives. SASO uses education, culture, sports, skill training as tools in building sustainable environment, communities and self-reliant people.


Our mission

  • ​To provide quality education to underprivileged communities.

  • To foster creativity among young people.

  • To promote healthy living initiatives among people living in our communities.

  • To provide employable skills to underprivileged people.

  • To enhance intercultural activities for social development.




To become a globally known social service organization run by youth which empowers young people through education and intercultural exchange to drive a positive change in our communities.



SASO is affiliated to the following networks;

  • ​Street Social work network (SSWN)

  • Street Invest Ghana Network (SIGN)

  • Social Development Cooperation Network Ghana (SDC Network) 


Our Team


Cynthia Panford

Administrative assistant


Team of Service Awareness Support Academy 


Areas of operation

SASO operates in  poor  communities in  Ga South Municipality, South Weija and part  of Ablekuma west Municipality.
Some of the poorest communities of operation are; Wiaboman, Glefe, Opetekwei, Mpoase, Faana both rural and urban slums that lack education, health care, access road and above all where the inhabitants live less than 5 dollars a day. Most of the local people are fishermen, sellers or laborer in the Panbros salt industry.


Sources of funding

SASO largely depends on internal generation by sales of sachet water, selling of second hand clothes, renting of the compound for social  activities.
Further, parents and families are allowed to contribute for feeding of their children in divers’ ways such as, food stuff, money and other donation including labour exchange .